Loss for words

At A Loss For Words

Say What

There is NEVER nor will there EVER be a correct way to tell someone a pregnancy that was highly anticipated; wanted….is no more.

Whenever I have to deliver such news, I always find myself either pacing back and forth in my office; staring out the window expecting “the words” to miraculously appear in the sky; standing outside your door not wanting to face your tears, witness your sadness….

First and foremost…..


Miscarriage, or early pregnancy loss, occurs in 10-12% of clinically recognized pregnancies.


Between 50-70% of 1st trimester losses are due to chromosomal abnormalities….more simply put; either the egg or the sperm had an incorrect number of chromosomes.

Causes of 1st trimester loss include but are not limited to:

  1. Chromosomal Abnormalities
  2. Chronic medical issues such as Thyroid Abnormalities/Diabetes
  3. Intrauterine adhesions(can be the result of surgeries such as septum resections, dilation and curettage, etc)
  4. Uterine Abnormalities(e.g: polyps, fibroids, septums, etc)
  5. Exogenous/Environmental exposures

By definition, ACOG(the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology)defines recurrent pregnancy loss as 2 or 3 consecutive losses; hence, no formal workup is typically done until said criteria is met.

Probably “THE BIGGEST” question I address after a patient/couple experiences a loss is: “what is the likelihood this will happen again”?

There is a 5-10% recurrence risk in women with a live born child and no previous loss.

There is a 20% recurrence risk in women that have never had a live birth, the risk increases to close to 30% after 2 losses, and 33% after 3 losses.

I’ve had the unfortunate duty of relaying some semblance of the above information twice this week……in closing, I would encourage those of you who have experienced the above to allow yourselves to grieve. No matter how early the pregnancy; a loss is a loss…..know that you are not alone, and embrace the support around you.

I hope this week’s blog has added value to your day!

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