Black Lives Matter.

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Of all the folks I know, and trust me, I know A LOT of people, last week, when we were at the height of all of THIS, Mimi Banks, an AMAZING woman who heads up the Ask Dr. Angela social media team, and is also a friend, asked me my views on the current state of things in America……

Not wanting to speak out of anger, or say the “wrong” thing, Mimi, here are my thoughts……

I’m tired. Tired of seeing black folk killed on a regular basis, “just because”.

I’m scared. I know what it’s like to worry about a child. I/we worry about Francesca all the time. I NEVER imagined I’d worry so much about my brothers, my father, my uncles and their safety as they go about their daily affairs.

I HATE when my father is right. You know, sometimes as children we hate when our parents are correct about things…well, my father used to always tell me, and still does to this day, “Angela, no matter how successful you become, how smart you are, how much money you have, etc. You will always be a woman. You will always be black. And as a result of this, you will ALWAYS have to be better”.

He’s right. Still right. Which, unfortunately, is what has and still provides a lot of the DRIVE that motivates me to be who and what I have become.

We want to protect our children from all the evils of the world……children are so innocent, they just love.

We took Francesca to the movies last week to see The Secret Lives of Pets……A small, blond hair, blue eyed, boy ran up to my wife and gave her a hug…..we all shared a good laugh and told him that he had found the wrong mom. He sensed that Tasha was someone’s mother. She just didn’t happen to be his…….

Racism, sexism, and all the “isms” are such tough lessons to learn. I hate that my mini me at some point will encounter all of these…..

The Black Lives Matter movement….Such a sad state of affairs that it even has to exist because a people, and I’m talking about BLACK FOLKS, are being killed, jailed, profiled, at an alarming rate. I don’t and won’t quote you stats. Take a look for yourselves.

In order to heal, and move forward, we have to address the past. When will we have the necessary conversations to facilitate such?

Hoping this blog post has added value to your day and perhaps incited you to start having those difficult conversations needed in order to heal our nation.

Until next time,

Look Better. Feel Better. Be Better.

Dr. Angela


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