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Enough Already…Options For Dealing With Heavy Periods

Say What

Ok…. I think we’ve established that most of us find periods, and I’m not talking punctuation, to be more of an “annoyance” than not.

I’m not sure that I’ve EVER encountered a woman that “liked” getting her period….especially if you happen to have one of those periods that are so heavy that it TOTALLY dictates your quality of life for a week or so…..

You know, the kind that requires you to change clothes frequently, wear“SUPER” everything…..pads and tampons included?!?!? Yes, those periods.

Well, here are a list of reasonable options that may help your periods become more tolerable and hence allow you to regain that week of your life that had previously been dictated by your menstrual cycle.

Please realize that prior to commencing any treatment, a thorough history and workup by your physician should be undertaken:

#1, to rule out any obvious causes of heavy menses to include but not be limited to:

  • ovarian cysts
  • fibroids
  • endometrial polyps
  • abnormal cells
  • infection
  • bleeding/metabolic disorders, etc.

#2, to ensure that you are a candidate for the following treatment options:

1. OCPS(oral contraceptive pills): great option! Makes periods lighter, shorter, regular!

2. Mirena IUD: not just for contraception. Actually rivals ablative techniques in effectiveness/patient satisfaction for dealing with heavy periods.

3. Lysteda: the sleeping giant! Most patients don’t know about this one…..a great non-hormonal option for patients with regular menses and is taken ONLY while on your period.

4. Ablative Techniques: There are NUMEROUS ablative options on the market(Novasure, HTA, Thermachoice, CryoAblation to name a few). Talk to your physician about which is best suited for you.

*Also, please ensure adequate contraception is in place as “this is not birth control”

5. Uterine Artery Embolization: not as popular these days but still an option!

6. Hysterectomy…


As you can see, there are MANY other options to address heavy periods prior to settling on hysterectomy. If this is your choice, try to find a minimally invasive surgeon such as myself, to ensure quicker recovery, less risk of bleeding, infection, etc.

Hope this blog adds value to your day. Knowledge is power!

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