Sex and Health. What one can tell you about the other.

Five Things Sex Can Tell You About Your Health.

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We are doing the DAMN thing over here at Ask Dr. Angela! What did Fat Joe and Remy Ma say?!?!?

“We’re on our way up!”

So my friends at recently asked for my thoughts on what your sex life can tell you about your health. Click here to read my contribution to that article.

Here is the extended version of what I shared with them.

Five Things Sex Can Tell You About Your Health:

  • Perhaps you suffer from vaginal atrophy(a condition common in menopausal women), endometriosis, or vulvodynia(pain disorder of the vulva/vagina)if you have complaints of painful sex. Lots of women avoid sex due to pain. Would you want to engage in something that brought you no physical/emotional pleasure? NO!!!! Many women think they are the only ones who suffer from these conditions when in actuality they are not. YOU BETTER TELL SOMEBODY, specifically your obgyn. There are ways to diagnose and combat these conditions.


  • Depression. Lack of interest in sex could be a sign of depression my depression treatment. This is further supported by lack of interest in many other things as well……Just something to keep in mind.


  • Infection. If you notice a foul odor during or after sex, possible spotting/bleeding after sex, pain during/after sex; these are all signs of a possible infection, whether it be a vaginitis such as bacterial vaginosis or a sexually transmitted infection.


  • Poor lubrication and you’re not even in menopause. A few things come to mind from something as minor as not hydrating enough(drinking enough water) to underlying cardiovascular issues; i.e., decreased blood supply in the vagina/vulva due more chronic medical issues such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease. If this is happening to you and you haven’t been to see your primary care physician lately for a routine check up; you may want to give it some consideration.


  • Stress. Lack of interest in sex/having no time for sex, could be a sign of stress. Finding outlets to deal with daily stress whether it be adopting meditation techniques, exercise, etc., may be in order.

Are any of the above happening to you? Lets talk about sex ladies!

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