Five Things To Avoid When On Your Period!

Five Things To Avoid When On Your Period!

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This past cycle I made the HUGE mistake of discovering Broad St. Doughnuts………I gotta stay away from that joint, as it would/could be a REAL deal breaker between me and my fashion; i.e., my ability to be able to continue to fit into my clothes.

Speaking of periods, oh how I loathe them, I was recently asked to contribute to a piece on They asked me things that should be avoided while on your period. Honestly, what don’t we do while on our cycles?!?!?

This is what I came up with. Here are my

Top 5 Things To Avoid While On Your Period:

1. Exercise. NOT!!!!!! I actually came across an article recommending avoiding exercise due to already feeling tired and drained while on your period. I couldn’t disagree more.  Exercise does the body good. It will help re-energize you as well as help with menstrual cramps.

2. Consumption of those salty foods we all crave during THAT time of the month! Salty foods contribute to the normal bloating/water retention that all women feel around the time of their periods.

3. Forgetting to change your pad/tampon. You know how it is….working hard, trying to get through your day without any “issues.” You should be changing your tampon/pad every 3-4 hours to avoid an unpleasant odor, bacterial buildup which can lead to the aforementioned, infections, as well as the dreaded bleeding through your pants! YIKES! Not to mention, if you happen to forget you have a tampon inside your vajayjay, you may have to see your friendly OB/GYN for a tampon rescue…..This happens a lot more frequently than you might think.

4. Dairy. It is NOT your friend during your period! Ever notice how much more gassy you are around the time of your period? Most of this is hormonal. Add dairy on top of that and it’s like adding salt to the wound. More cramping, irritable bowels please!

5. Waxing and Shaving. There is some thought that activities such as waxing and shaving should be avoided during your period due to low estrogen levels during this time frame. Low estrogen levels are thought to be associated with increased perception of pain. You might also want to avoid getting that tattoo while on your period(lol!)

Hoping this blog post has added value to your day!

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