Have You Seen Her?

Have You Seen Her? Fun Facts about vaginas, vulvas, and more…..

Say What

So, have you seen her? I’m speaking about your VAJAYJAY? VULVA? PRIVATE PARTS?

I did my own “survey” of sorts and I gotta tell ya, I was COMPLETELY floored by the results. I’m going to go out on a limb and tell you that 1 in 3 folks that I asked, and trust me, I asked a LOT of women, don’t know what their vaginas, girl parts, whatever you wanna call them/it look like. Of course, my question is WHY?!?!?

Why are we not looking “down there”(for the record, this phrase TOTALLY annoys me) and feeling, touching, exploring, observing, and just admiring what, in my opinion, happens to be one of THE most AMAZING organs of the human body?!?!?

Here are my

Top 5 Fun Facts about your VAJAYJAY and other female “PRIVATE PARTS:”

Vaginas: talk about the hostess with the mostest, vaginas can accommodate moms, dads, babies, toys….need I say more? Try putting as much as a catheter in a penis and men go running…..YIKES! Speaking of catheters, most women have NO IDEA that you don’t pee out of your vagina. That would be your urethra, which is just below your clitoris and above the opening of your vagina…..NOT TO FEAR, lots of women don’t know this…..I didn’t know this for the longest time…..thank God I went to medical school!

Vulvas: think of them as lips! SMOOCHES! There’s the labia minora(small lips) and the labia majora(large lips). Say cheese! Vulva come in all shapes and sizes. Some lips are more prominent than others; some are thick, some are thin. Some are long, some are short. Most are some variant of normal. I see TONS of young girls concerned that things down there look “TOO BIG.” In most cases, all is well. Take it from me, I’ve seen more labia than most!

Pap smears ONLY screen for cervical cancer! However, cervical cancer isn’t the only cancer women need to be cognizant of. There’s Vulvar Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Uterine/Endometrial Cancer, Vaginal Cancer. All present with varying symptoms. Just ANOTHER reason to grab a mirror and look at your “goods!” Skin changes, itching that won’t go away, foul discharge, irregular bleeding….the list goes on and on. Such could be signs of infection or something more serious.

Your vagina is not some never ending tube! If you think you left something up there; a tampon for example, reach up there and grab it! I promise, you aren’t going to feel your tonsils or anything…..I think I feel a video clip on female anatomy coming soon……..

Take care of your Kitty Kat! In lieu of the president elect’s preference for the word “PU$$Y”, regular visits to the doctor’s, proper grooming; to include but not be limited to, long or short hair, WILD or nude, bedazzled or plain, it’s YOURS and you can do WHATEVER YOU choose!

As we embark upon Washington this weekend, or whatever other cities we dwell in, recognize YOUR power. As James Brown once said, It might be a man’s world, but it wouldn’t be NOTHING, without a woman’s touch!

Until Next Time,

Look Better. Feel Better. Be Better.

Dr. Angela


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