Top 5 suggestions of things to add to your post-sex routine.

Post sex routine. Got one?

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With all the queries/questions I receive on a daily basis, one that stood out from last week was about post sex routines. Do you have one? And no, I’m not talking about an encore performance, or some elaborate lap/pole dance. I’m curious, what do you do after sex? Do you just get up and leave? Roll over and go to sleep?

Why even have one? How about it does a body good! Don’t let the pampering and fun stop after a few incredible rounds of sex, or some time spent whilst you check over here for good content by yourself. Your body deserves a post-sex routine to make sure that everything is “all good.” It will not only help you to “exhale,” as if the mind-blowing sex wasn’t enough to do the trick, but it will also serve to replenish your body, nurture your body, and decrease the risk of things no girl/woman wants to deal with; i.e., vaginitis, utis(urinary tract infections), etc.

Depending on your sexual preferences; i.e., toys, lube, fingers, back door action, etc., certain activities can spread a lot of bacteria and increase your risk of angry lady parts; as noted above.

Having said such, here are my

Top 5 things to have in your post-sex routine:

Have a drink! Of water, that is. Adequate hydration will help replenish your body as well as your vagina; both of which, I’m sure, received quite a workout(smile). Drinking water will also flush your body and decrease your risk of bacteria causing urinary tract infections. Speaking of UTIs…….

Void or urinate post sex! This helps decrease the risk of bacteria gaining access to your bladder. And just how would bacteria do that? Via the urethra which is REALLY close to your vagina(take a look).

Post sex wipe down. If you don’t want to have a warm bath(put some oil in there for extra moisturizing), at least wipe down to get rid of any remaining lubrication or germs from fingers, mouths, or rectums that may have come into play. A mild soap with no deodorant/perfumes is preferable.

Hungry? A post sex snack to refuel may be in order. How about something rich in probiotics such as yogurt, kimchi, etc.? Such may be helpful in ensuring the body, vagina specifically, maintains its proper flora to stave off vaginal infections such as yeast and bacterial vaginosis.

Go commando. Keep the sexy going and let your vagina breathe again(In your best Toni Braxton voice). This to is a good way to stave off vaginitis. Remember, vaginitis loves warm and moist. Baring all keeps both at bay.

Hoping this blog post has both entertained as well as informed. Perhaps if you don’t have a post-sex routine you will consider a few of the above. At least that way, if you didn’t get the happy ending you had in mind, the above are a nice way to pamper yourself and give your body all the love, joy, and satisfaction it and YOU deserve.

Until next time,

Look Better. Feel Better. Be Better.

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