characteristics of postpartum bleeding

Postpartum Bleeding

Say What

That first period postpartum….why is it such a beast?!?!?

So…..I get asked this question so often that I routinely address it with my patients when discussing what to expect post delivery.

What I commonly hear is, “why didn’t anyone tell me that my period was going to be THAT heavy”?!?!?!? Giving me a bit of a heads up SURELY would’ve been appreciated”.

And THAT my friends, IS a point WELL taken!

That first period status post delivery truly is a BEAST! I remember getting my own period after child birth……mine came a bit sooner than most as I didn’t breastfeed. There was so much bleeding and clots, I felt like an extra in a Friday the 13th movie! While that is a bit of an exaggeration, there was quite a bit of bleeding, clots, tissue, etc.

NOT to fear, however, as this is pretty par for the course. Remember, your hormones are still “all over the place” and you are still dealing with the lochia that is associated with the postpartum period…..lochia can last up to 6 weeks post delivery.

The reason to remind you of “lochia”, is that it is associated with discharge, sloughing of tissue, etc, all related to the delivery. This, in addition to your period post delivery, equals A LOT of blood, tissue, etc. SO, as a heads up, get ready, and remember…..I don’t get too alarmed about postpartum bleeding unless you are bleeding more than a pad per hour…..if THAT occurs, call your ob/gyn immediately.

While I recognize that THIS is NOT the most pleasant of topics, I’m hoping that it will add value nonetheless.

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