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Pregnancy Wives Tales……

Say What

I sooooo enjoyed putting this blog post together! Thank you to all the women that contributed….

This served not only as a learning experience, but yet another opportunity to get to know you, my AMAZING patients.

While I received scores of feedback, I decided to narrow down the list to the top 10 “tales” I thought you’d enjoy the most……..I’ll save the others for another post.


  1. Girls steal their mother’s beauty, boys enhance their mom’s beauty
  2. If you experience  a lot of heartburn during your pregnancy, your baby will be born with a lot of hair
  3. When asked to show her hands, if a pregnant woman shows her palms up, she is having a girl; if she shows her palms down, she is having a boy
  4. If there’s a food you like or crave a lot during pregnancy, the baby will have a birthmark resembling the shape of that food
  5. If your urine is bright yellow, you’re having a boy; if it’s dull in color, you’re having a girl
  6. You will deliver 3 days before or after 9 full moons
  7. If you are really upset with someone during your pregnancy, the child will be born resembling that person
  8. If you crave meat and cheese during your pregnancy, you’re having a boy
  9. If you raise your hands over your head while pregnant, the umbilical cord will be wrapped around the babies neck
  10. If you’re carrying high; you are having a girl, if you are carrying low; you are having a boy

I know this last one makes eleven, but this one I hear ALL the time:

If the fetal heart rate is high; you’re having a girl, if the fetal heart rate is low; you’re having a boy.

Please know that these are merely wives tales and are meant purely for your enjoyment!

Hoping this post adds value to your day!

Until next time,

Look Better. Feel Better. Be Better.

Dr. Angela

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