Pointers on getting through a pregnancy in the summer.

Pregnant in the Summer….How To Survive!

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I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard that phrase this past week…..Being pregnant in the summer is TRYING at best. Between the swelling, the discharge, the pelvic pressure, and contractions……..SOMETHING has got to give! Here are my TOP 5 TIPS on SURVIVING PREGNANCY IN THE SUMMER!

1. HYDRATE! Are you drinking enough water?!?!?!? Water is your friend!!!! It helps prevent constipation, stretch marks, helps with swelling, and staves off cramping. THE BEST sign of your hydration status is the color of your urine….KEEP IT CLEAR! If it looks like Arizona Tea, you’re NOT hydrated enough.

2. When you’re at home, ELEVATE YOUR FEET! Swelling is NORMAL in pregnancy! Just look down. Where are your feet? Legs? EXACTLY! They are at the bottom, in THE MOST dependent portion of your body; hence, it should be NO SURPRISE that you will have swelling or edema at the end of a long day. Prop your feet up and call it a day 🙂 If you have calf pain, or notice that one leg is significantly more swollen than the other, notify your OB. Pregnancy in and of itself increases your risk of clotting.

3. STAY COOL! Heat makes you tired, at times light headed and dizzy, can give you a headache……..did I mention that drinking an adequate amount of water will help with this as well?!?!?

4. IF you have access to a pool, USE IT!!!! Not only is swimming excellent exercise, but it is easy on the joints, and will keep you cool.

5. FLIP FLOPS are great! Let your feet breathe! I’d be surprised if you could still fit into your regular shoes anyway…..having said such, you’d be amazed at the number of women I see squeezing their feet into shoes that no longer fit……NO WONDER your feet appear swollen. Get a mani and pedi and CALL IT A DAY!

Be good to yourself and HANG IN THERE!

Hoping this blog post adds value to your day!

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Look Better. Feel Better. Be Better.

Dr. Angela

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