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The GYN Exam…WTF(What’s To Fear)?!

Say What

The GYN exam….WTF?!?!?! Trust, I to can think of ANOTHER phrase those letters stand for(LOL!!!!)

Because there is ALWAYS an ongoing debate about which visit is worse; i.e., the GYN vs a trip to see your friendly dentist……with YOUR help, I came up with a list of:

Top 5 Things  Women Worry About During Their Gyn Exam!

1. Falling Off The Table.  I promise, YOU are NOT the only one who doesn’t come down far enough on the exam table…I mean, who does? Scout’s honor, I will NOT allow you to fall off the table.

2. Passing Gas. Can we say EMBARRASSING?!?!? This does on occasion  happen… worries, in my field of work; this is NO BIGGIE! Imagine what occurs at the time of delivery when you are ACTUALLY pushing!

3. Peeing! Please excuse the lack of medical terminology here folks…….that leaking which seems to occur with more frequency since the kids were born can also occur during a PELVIC exam….I mean, if someone is pressing on or near your bladder, wouldn’t you leak JUST a little bit? AGAIN….all in a day’s work…..I see it all the time.

4. Smell! OMG, does my VAJAY-JAY smell bad?!?!? TRUST, I know what bad vagina smells like. Most of you are just fine and are SUPER sensitive as this is a VERY delicate matter…..BUT, if your vagina did smell bad, it is NOT beyond me to hand out soap and a disposable cloth so that the situation can be rectified…..I think I’ve done this like twice in my ENTIRE career.

5. Am I Normal Down There?!?!?!? Whether you think your labia are too big or small, long or short; anatomically speaking, most of you do have normal vulvas and vaginas! Though there are a few “outliers” if you will….

In keeping with some of the more RANDOM conversations I seem to have with my patients, the intent of this post was to be light and fun. I certainly hope it has added, if not value, a smile to your day!

Until next time,

Look Better. Feel Better. Be Better.

Dr. Angela

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