Top 5 Reasons Exercise During Pregnancy is Good for You!

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The benefits of exercise during pregnancy are truly too numerous to name, HOWEVER, these are the reasons I think pregnant women benefit most!

Top 5 Reasons Exercise During Pregnancy is Good for You:

  • You’ll gain less weight, and hence, have less weight to lose once baby arrives.
  • You’ll decrease your risk of dealing with things such as pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, and lets not forget, postpartum depression.
  • Labor is just what it sounds like. WORK! A fit body is better equipped to handle the rigors of labor; hence, your experience will likely be less “laborious,” and you’ll have all the umph, stamina, and where with all to push that baby out.
  • You’ll feel better! Things such as swollen legs/feet, lower back pain, etc., may prove to be less of an issue for you. Besides, we all know how much exercise increases those happy endorphins! Your mood will definitely be much better!
  • Fit moms are less likely to end up with operative deliveries: forceps, vacuums, c-sections or otherwise, AND, you’re less likely to feel like, and this is a direct quote, a “F’in WHALE”!

I was inspired to write this for two women I recently delivered. Both of them, COMPLETE ROCK STARS!

Hoping this blog post has added value, or at least a smile, to your face.

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