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Top 5 Things I Bet’cha Didn’t Know About Dr. Angela

Say What

So I decided to keep the blog post “light” today. Meeting folks from ALL over; I literally JUST saw a woman that subscribes to the blog and follows me on social media….she traveled from Northern Jersey for an annual exam…..go figure. Anyway, here are the Top 5 Things I Bet’cha Didn’t Know About Dr. Angela:

  • I LOVE MUSIC! All types of music. I play guitar…..electric, acoustic. Depends on how the mood hits me. My repertoire includes everything from the Rolling Stones to Carly Simon….yes, I said Carly Simon.


  • I’m the world’s BIGGEST chicken! I am afraid of insects, scary movies/books, etc.


  • I can find humor in almost anything! Laughter has kept me from crying on so many occasions. Besides, what’s better than a double you over, roll on the ground, make you cry kinda laugh?!?!? There is something to be said about folks who don’t take things too seriously or who have the ability to laugh at themselves…..Just sayin’.


  • Black is my favorite color. May have something to with why I’m so enamored with Darth Vader.


  • I do NOT like pears! I have tried to like pears on so many occasions. I will even occasionally take a bite of my mini me’s pear if she offers….I mean, I don’t want to discourage her from eating that particular fruit on my account. I think it’s a texture thing. Either that, or I just haven’t found the right one.

Thanks for listening! Hope you enjoyed these random facts about lil ole me!

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