Top Things I’m Thankful For This Thanksgiving…

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  • I’m thankful for the opportunity to do what I do on a daily basis….I LOVE MY JOB….in fact, it’s more of a passion for me


  • I’m thankful for my wonderful wife and all that she does……she supports me in ways that are indescribable……I would not be able to be who I am, or do what I do, without the constant love and support of my beautiful wife, Ms. Bowie


  • I am thankful for parents that understand the value of an education and went over and beyond to ensure that I was afforded EVERY opportunity in life to be whatever I wanted to be……my pops wore the same beat up old shoes and had them continuously resoled and used to pick me up from school in that old church van…..thank you for the sacrifices…….


  • I am thankful for my two aunts who let me know at an early age that it was ok to be who I truly was…….how could one not know this hanging out with women who were constantly parading around nude, sipping on wine, and “living their lives” so to speak


  • I am grateful to be the mom of one of the most AMAZING little girls in the whole, wide, world…….thank you, Francesca, for being as funny, witty, and beautiful as you are……you make mommy and mama better on a daily basis and continue to inspire us to be our best so that we may provide an exceptional life for you


  • I am grateful for family, friends, relationships……….at the end of the day, this is all we have…..thank you for the constant influx of memories…..sometimes they are what sustains us


  • I am grateful for life and the opportunity to continue to be a blessing in someone else’s life… matter how bad things seem in today’s society, we have a chance, on a daily basis, to affect change……be the change you are looking for


Happy Thanksgiving!

Until next time,

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Dr. Angela

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Wife, mother, Midwesterner, and award-winning OB/GYN, Dr. Angela is equal parts best girlfriend and bold professional, supporting women’s health with innovative approaches to care and heavy doses of humor. Dr. Angela has done more than launch a successful practice, she has defined herself as a voice for a new generation of womanhood, established her ASK DR. ANGELA brand committed to authenticity, and built a community rooted in trust, candor, and compassion.

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