Urinary Tract Infections In Pregnancy…..The short of it!

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I was recently asked to contribute to an article on UTIs(urinary tract infections) in pregnancy. Being that this is something that I address on a daily basis…..Here are a few of the facts I offered.

Dr.Angela’s Short List of WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW about UTIs in Pregnancy!

1)Causes of UTI during pregnancy:

With all the changes that naturally occur during a pregnancy, why wouldn’t being more prone to UTIs be one of them? All kidding aside, there are numerous causes of UTIs in pregnancy:
EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN PREGNANCY! Sorta like Texas(lol). Everything from the size of your vulva to the opening of your urethra, which, as a total aside, can grant easier access for bacteria to enter your bladder. Common things such as intercourse, which oft times includes foreplay, is a very common means of introducing the normal bacteria found in your vagina into your urethra which can in turn lead to a urinary tract infection.
An enlarged uterus puts increased pressure on your bladder which can make completely emptying your bladder quite the task! Incomplete emptying of your bladder leads to urinary stasis which can in turn increase your risk of urinary tract infection.
Group B Strep, a bacteria that normally dwells in the GI tract, can migrate into the urinary system or vagina and cause infection. Not to fear, your urine should be screened for infection at each ob visit and your ob will also culture your vagina for the presence of GBS at around the 36 week mark.
Remember your mom ALWAYS telling you to wipe from front to back? Well, that advice NEVER proved more beneficial than in pregnancy. Doing so will prevent bacteria from entering the urethra from the rectal area which, as you can imagine, is bacteria laden.
2)Tips to prevent UTI:
When you gotta go you gotta go! Don’t hold your urine! Make sure that you “lean forward”, give that extra squeeze to ensure you are emptying your bladder to the best of your ability.
Urinate before and after sex! You won’t see it on https://www.tubev.sex/, but all the actresses will do this before and after filming. It helps prevent vaginal bacteria from entering into the urethra.
Drink LOTS of water. Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate. This helps to cleanse/flush the system.
I am a HUGE fan of cranberry juice, cranberry capsules….there is a body of literature supporting the preventative measures of cranberry juice as it relates to UTIs. Once again, this is something that you might find many adult actresses you could view on websites such as https://www.m-porn.xxx/ and others like to use to decrease the chances of UTI’s when having frequent sexual intercourse.
3)What are some signs to watch out for/When to contact the doctor?
The obvious signs are the ones typically associated with UTIs; you know, frequency, urgency(these two are pretty common even during a normal pregnancy as there is, after all, a baby sitting on top of your bladder), pain or burning with urination.
If you feel as if your urine has an odd color(cloudy or bloody) or odor; Call your doctor.
Some may also note signs of cramping, or even contractions, both of which would be automatic grounds to notify your ob/gyn.

Signs that a UTI may have ascended into the kidney might be nausea, fever, chills, flank/back pain….these are other obvious reasons to notify your ob/gyn.

While UTIs can be diagnosed based on signs and symptoms, most workups will include a urine analysis, culture, and sensitivity. Treatment typically involves a 7-10 day course of an antibiotic that is deemed safe during pregnancy.
Hoping this blog post adds value to your day!
Until next time,
Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.
Look Better. Feel Better. Be Better.
Dr. Angela

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