Vaginitis….A True Emergency!

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For those of you that are NOT on my mailing list and hence don’t receive the email that goes out each Wednesday prefacing the blog post….well, lets just say you are missing out……ANYWAY, I recently had to deal with my own case of vaginitis over the weekend…….Lets just say, IT WAS NOT FUN!!!

It took EVERYTHING I had not to pull a “MAN” move and scratch my girls…..that would be my labia majora…….the chlorine from the water rides at Six Flags REALLY caused some major irritation… about practicing what you preach…….

I sooooooo should’ve gotten out of those wet clothes ASAP.

So, word to the wise,  here are some quick tips I thought you’d find helpful when dealing with your own vaginitis……

1. EVERYTHING ISN’T YEAST! Don’t self diagnose! Have your GYN take a gander. I know, I know, I hear it so often….”I get yeast infections ALL the time”………

Well, perhaps it’s NOT yeast you’re getting “all the time”, which would explain why that over-the-counter Monistat isn’t working. Either that, or MAYBE, it is yeast and you have a resistant strain which requires more in-depth treatment.

2. If there is no associated discharge or odor, perhaps it is a contact dermatitis. I see this ALL the time, whether it be from panty-liners, pads, perfumed soaps and sprays…….The terrible thing about contact dermatitis is that it itches SOOOOOO bad…….you itch, you scratch, you itch, you scratch some more…..this itch-scratch cycle is pretty vicious and has to be broken……Good luck doing that on your own….GO SEE YOUR OB/GYN!

3. In my realm, we call Vagisil VAGIKILL! Sorry folks….SOOOOO NOT a fan of vagisil! And you thought your situation couldn’t get any worse…….try applying vagisil and get back to me 🙂

4. The causes of vaginitis, vaginal itching, are NUMEROUS! It could be infectious…..yeast or bacterial vaginosis…..perhaps a contact dermatitis as mentioned earlier…….and to my postmenopausal ladies, lets not forget vaginal atrophy… know, thin, dry vagina…..NOT so comfortable either.

5. Don’t be afraid to take a look DOWN THERE! Come on folks, it’s JUST your vagina! I’m by no means asking you to self diagnose. If you think it looks bad, it probably is!

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ALL the more reason for you to see  your GYN.

Hoping this blog post adds value to your day!


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  1. Hi, Dr. Angela, I’m so glad I read this post!! I’m in the midst of the agony you experienced after some of my own fun in the sun (and chlorine!). I happily sat in the pool this past Friday for 4 hours, happily talking with a friend while our kids happily played. By Saturday morning, NO MORE HAPPINESS!! A VERY unhappy, raging vagina! Itching and burning externally, super duper duper uncomfortable internally. I did the “bad patient” thing and used left over Diflucan I had (took one pill Saturday, two Sunday and another one on Tuesday. I also used a little Nystatin cream I’d never opened. I know, not just bad…really bad patient). I was desperate!!!! It got a little better for a few days, but came right back. My OBGYN called in Clotrimzole and metronidazole vaginal .75% gel. Started using that last night, but it’s still so bad!!! I downed a bunch of probiotics over the weekend, that seemed to help too. I also, um, took to the internet and used garlic cloves internally 5 or 6 times, that, too seemed to help. But nothing lasted, and I AM SOOO MISERABLE RIGHT NOW!! HHHHHHELPPP! You did an amazing job delivering my two little twins, so I know you can help me stop my very pissed-off vag. 🙂 What did you do for your crisis?

    1. I HATE PISSED OFF VAGINAS! Thing is, vaginas are VERY sensitive. First off, did you actually go see your ob/gyn?!? I don’t typically like to treat over the phone, reason being, I need to know what I’m treating. I’d get cultures done to distinguish between yeast/bacterial vaginosis, etc. I’d also recommend an exam to ensure this isn’t some sort of contact dermatitis; if it is, neither of what you’ve tried will do the trick, instead, something with a light steroid might be in order. I ended up doing something utterly ridiculous……my wife, who seems to think Witch Hazel Pads cure everything, says to me, “babe, try wiping with witch hazel”; I tried that, NOT sure why as my wife is no where close to being a physician, OB GYN no less…..she does finance and design….anyway, that was SOOOOO a mistake. Lets just say that I didn’t find it particularly soothing to my vagina! In an effort to break the itch/scratch cycle, “pat” when you wipe, sometimes vinegar sitz baths are helpful resetting the pH of the vagina(just running some warm water in a tub, filling it with enough water so that your vagina is completely submersed…..put 2-3 capfuls of vinegar and soak for about 20mins). I find this helpful in cases of bacterial vaginosis that for some reason seem to be resistant. Ensure that you are using unscented, non-perfumed soaps. These can sometimes be irritants to the vagina. Hoping this helps…..and as a complete aside, I talk about your twins ALL the time and what a miracle/blessing they are! Thank you for your continued support 🙂

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