Women Pubic Hair Grooming

Women Pubic Hair Grooming……A Pubic Service Announcement!

Say What

Women Pubic Hair Grooming…….

Dr. Angela’s Top 5  PSA (Pubic Service Announcement)

1. DON’T SHAVE FOR ME!!!!! I can’t tell you the number of times I have women apologizing to me about not having gotten around to “grooming down there”. Honestly, whether or not you shave your vulva is the least of my concerns. It’s WHATEVER you want to do…..There is NEVER any judgement on my part.

2. BE CAREFUL!!!!! Again, I can’t begin to tell you how many nicks, cuts, “irritations” I see from women who are in a hurry…….if you are going to do it; do it right; either that, or have a professional do it. To my pregnant moms…..if you can’t “reach it”, have your husbands, partners, etc., give you a hand……otherwise, as my Frozen friends say: “LET IT GO”!

3. LESS IS NOT ALWAYS MORE!!!!! Remember the main reason the good Lord gave us pubic hair…IT’S PROTECTIVE PEOPLE!!!! Sometimes “baring all” can increase your risk of abscesses, ingrown hairs, skin irritations, etc. REMEMBER, clipping may be a viable option for some of you!

4. VAGINAS ARE SUPPOSED TO SMELL LIKE VAGINAS!!!! Easy on all the lotions, and potions. Sometimes they may serve as skin irritants. I can’t tell you how much contact dermatitis I see on a pretty regular basis…..Oh, I almost forgot….DOUCHING WENT OUT IN THE 80’s!!! If you are concerned about not smelling so fresh “down there”, let your friendly GYN know……infections are NEVER a good thing!

5. CRABS ANYONE?!?!?!? No, really? ANYONE?!?!? With all this shaving, pubic lice is becoming a thing of the past, or so I’ve heard; careful though…..while this may or may not be true, those nicks, cuts, as mentioned above, may actually increase your risk of certain infections as most STI’s(sexually transmitted infections)are contact sports! Such trauma to the skin may increase your likelihood of acquiring things that you’d rather not have due to increased access via compromised skin surfaces!

Hoping this blog post adds value to your day….and hopefully a good laugh!

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