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Whether it be funny stories, anecdotes, and experiences from my own pregnancy, or hardcore medical information, you will get it all in this book.

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About The Book

I’ve heard thousands of questions from new moms-to-be in my years as an Ob-Gyn, and I’ve seen the books my patients rely on for insight and answers throughout this journey called pregnancy. I have personally found them to be intimidating, long, cumbersome, and, most importantly, boring!

So, I wrote my own! For YOU – you amazingly strong women! This book is my way of letting you know that we’re in this thing together, not only because I am a doctor, but because I am a mother, too, and I know what you’re going through. I’ve been there. I get it. As a mother, wife, and OB/GYN, I see, hear, and experience some enlightening, hilarious, and outrageous things. I’m sure you know the feeling, girl.

Welcome to my world! And thank you for letting me into yours.

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