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Why does it take an NFL running back being in the news to bring Domestic Violence to the forefront? Domestic Violence has been an issue for ages………it happens everyday….we all know someone who is or has been a victim of domestic violence. Here are a few facts………. Domestic Violence: what is it? It is a pattern of controlling behavior imposed on an individual with no regard for that persons’ feelings, rights, etc. Abuse is characterized by a person repeatedly having physical, emotional, or sexual harm done to them by an intimate partner. There are multiple types of abuse…..they include: Physical Abuse: being subject to physical harm of any kind Emotional/Psychological Abuse: mind control. Threats. Being the victim of belittling, degradation. Sexual Abuse: being forced to perform sexual acts of any kind against your will. Abuse can take many forms…..perhaps it is a partner controlling the finances, isolating a victim from family/friends, trying to control an individuals reproductive rights. If you are experiencing any of the above, or something in the above rings familiar with you…..know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Tell someone!!! Family, friend, physician….anyone! Here is the Domestic Violence Hotline: (800)799-safe(7233). I hope this blog adds value to you day! Until next time, Look Better. Feel Better. Be Better. Dr. Angela

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Wife, mother, Midwesterner, and award-winning OB/GYN, Dr. Angela is equal parts best girlfriend and bold professional, supporting women’s health with innovative approaches to care and heavy doses of humor. Dr. Angela has done more than launch a successful practice, she has defined herself as a voice for a new generation of womanhood, established her ASK DR. ANGELA brand committed to authenticity, and built a community rooted in trust, candor, and compassion.