5 Things to Consider When Choosing An OB/GYN

How to find the right obgyn for you.
So I was recently asked for recommendations choosing an obgyn. Being that I see A LOT of women, and also happen to be an obgyn, I would consider myself a pretty credible source.
Whether I’m seeing you because you weren’t pleased with your previous physician, are looking for a second opinion, or are just meeting me for the first time and interviewing me for the possibility of being your obgyn, here are my
Top 5 Things To Consider When Choosing An OB/GYN:

I think an important thing regarding choosing a gynecologist is “going with your gut.” First impressions are important. Does the physician make you feel at ease? Is the doctor relatable? Do you feel comfortable talking with him/her? I always tell patients, I can only provide you with best practice care if you are willing to give me all the details; hence, if your doctor isn’t someone that you can be open with and discuss “everything,” they probably aren’t the physician for you.

Things to look for in an obstetrician/gynecologist: Are they board certified? What do other patients say about them? Reviews are often helpful here. How much experience do they have? How long have they been practicing?

If you are someone who will eventually want children, you should probably see someone that still practices obstetrics; ie, someone that still delivers babies. There’s nothing worse than having to see/find a new physician because your doc doesn’t practice obstetrics anymore. Talk about loss of continuity!

Make sure your physician is patient, and willing to address all of your questions, concerns, go over medical diagnosis, management, etc.  I end up seeing a lot of women due to their previous physician not explaining things to them, listening to them, hearing them. A physician that doesn’t take the time to do the aforementioned doesn’t deserve to be your doctor.

Over all, my biggest recommendation is just making sure you don’t settle for less. You deserve best practice medicine. You always have a choice. If your needs aren’t being met, look elsewhere.

Hoping this blog post was informative. Remember, in my best GI Joe voice, “knowing is half the battle.”
Until next time,
Look Better. Feel Better. Be Better.
Dr. Angela

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