Grub Hub or Door Dash? It’s Delivery Time!

Pearls for Delivery during the time of Covid-19

I recently received an email thanking me for writing my pregnancy book. Funny thing is, as I reflect on the title, I keep getting stuck on the “and beyond” part of it. I mean, who ever would’ve thunk that we’d be in these current state of affairs?

As I contemplate this, and many things in my life as relates to being a mom, obstetrician(and though I still am a gynecologist, I haven’t been in an OR for anything other than a c-section in what seems like eons), human being….I can’t help but think about how life does go on; just because, and in spite of.

And though I know it’s not quite what you had in mind; i.e., for some of you, not being able to have your partner in the OR for your c-section, or perhaps not being able to have your support person of choice in the room with you during your labor and delivery, it’s going down one way or the other. Covid-19 or not, THE SHOW MUST AND DOES GO ON!

With that, I offer these pearls as you head in to finally meet baby!

You’ve got this. We’ve got this! The only difference is we all now have to wear masks, so while introductions may not be necessary, they will inevitably occur as it’s hard to recognize folks in all the extra gear.

What does Burger King say, Have it your way? Well, we certainly are doing everything in our power to make sure that you do have it your way. Again, realizing that this is not ideal for anyone, most of us are trying to make lemon martinis out of the lemons we’ve been dealt. I have found myself coming up with playlists for patients in the OR in those instances where their partners can’t come in for the c-section. It’s the little things that mean the most and a good way to shift the focus from what may be viewed as a negative to a song or two that might bring a bit of joy or happiness.

Take advantage of the alone time. I know lots of grandparents will be up in arms about not being able to come to the hospital to see the baby, BUT, look at this as an opportunity for you and your husband, wife, partner to spend some one on one time with the baby. Besides, I see lots of new parents get overwhelmed with the never ending influx of visitors, etc. Becoming parents and welcoming a new baby is a BIG DEAL! Take this time to embrace the change, bond, and more importantly, REST.

Take it all in. Exhale. And prepare for a lifetime of adventure. Once the baby arrives, life will never be the same. YOU DID IT! It was a long journey, but the journey now continues into a realm you can’t even begin to imagine. Again, while this may not have played out quite the way any of us imagined, it played out nonetheless.

In my best James Taylor voice, “You’ve got an obgyn.” Though your hospital stay will be shorter, most of us are sending vaginal deliveries home one day after delivery and c-sections home two days after, granted everything is well, your obgyn is just a phone call, or in these days, telemedicine call away. Whether it’s to check in to make sure that your blood pressure is under control, or to address questions about how much bleeding you may or may not be having; we are still, and will always be available to you.

I’d love to hear how things were for you when you delivered. What do you remember most? Are there things that stand out? Click here to share.

As always, I hope this blog post has informed as well as entertained.

Until next time.

Choose happiness.

Dr. Angela




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