How often do you change your panties?

One day, two days, multiple times a day. How often should we be changing our panties?

With everything going on, I mean, the pandemic, race relations in America, etc, folks are doin’ good just remembering to change their drawers!

YES! I literally was just asked about this. I got this query from Refinery29 that day last week when I was getting my ass kicked on call. You know, the day I didn’t put out my blog post? Anyway, they asked me about women, specifically, changing their panties. How often one should do so, and if the pandemic should/could affect this behavior? While I didn’t have an opportunity to answer them directly; I did think the questions curious enough to feature on an upcoming podcast as well as my blog post. The good thing about this; you get the unfiltered response 🙂

How often should women be changing their underwear?

How about whenever the F’ you want! Honestly, the rules of panty changing don’t get altered just because we are in a pandemic. And just what are those rules? They are whatever you want them to be. Some folks change their panties daily. Others twice a day. And according to a study I came across, a whopping 45% of folks go a few days without changing their underwear. What gives is whatever you want. To change or not to change is entirely up to you.

Since there are no real “ends” or “beginnings” to your day, if you’re WFH(working from home)in the pandemic, how often should you change your underwear? More than you would in real life?

Well, existing in a pandemic is still real life! Whether or not one is working from home, I don’t think, should affect how often you change your panties. Same rules, which again, are your rules or whatever you deem best, apply here.

Is it beneficial to vaginal health to not wear underwear at all right now? Why?

Vaginas are no more affected during this pandemic than they would be otherwise unless your panties were too tight, sweaty, or small. If those things were present and now you’re going commando during this pandemic then your vagina may otherwise be better off; OTHERWISE, wearing panties or no is COMPLETELY your call. If nothing else, your vagina may appreciate the fresh air!

Should you wear panties to bed?

Should you? It’s up to you. My granny used to make us sleep with no panties on; I just thought it was something the old folks did; who knows, maybe she was onto something. Anyway, your vulva and vagina might appreciate being able to “stretch out” so to speak. If you like it, I love it! I’m curious, do you wear panties? To bed or otherwise?

Are you less likely to get a yeast infection if you never wear them during this time?

I sorta addressed this in the vaginal health question but I’m happy to say it again. If your panties were too tight, too small, or if they were moist all the time, for whatever reason, THEN, going commando or without panties would clearly be of benefit to you. Otherwise, if your panty game is on point, i.e., your panties fit like they are supposed to, you shouldn’t be more prone to yeast infections whether or not you decide to go commando or not.

These questions made me smile. It was nice to answer something a bit “lighter” during what I’m sure have been stressful times for most.

Hoping today’s blog post has informed, and entertained. These were good questions. Y’all know a lot of you were wondering these same things(LMFAO!) Let me know your thoughts. Click here to share on my Facebook page. Click here to hear what I’m talking about on my podcast!

Until next time,

Choose Happiness.

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