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Top 5 Things Women Are Reluctant To Talk To Their OBGYN About

Today’s blog post is not about black men and the injustices they face in America. For those of you who haven’t signed up for my weekly blog, you probably didn’t receive the email that serves as the introduction to this week’s post.

Race is a HUGE issue in America. Folk like to pretend things are “just fine,” yet a 25 year old black man can get shot by a father/son duo in Georgia while, get this, JOGGING! While I’m still trying to process the MADNESS of it all, I decided to come full circle and discuss other things people, specifically women, are reluctant to talk about. Can you imagine what “things” I might be referring to?

Sure you can. Here are the: Top 5 Things Woman are reluctant to discuss with their obgyns:

Incontinence. Who wants to admit they pee in their pants with laughing, coughing, exercising? Hell, it might not be associated with any of these and you might just find that you’re leaking urine all the time. Not to fear. You aren’t the first and certainly won’t be the last. Tell your obgyn about it. We will work it up, get to the root of the problem, and offer you an array of treatment options. Remember, when it comes to incontinence, there are numerous types, causes, and remedies.

Prolapse. I see this one a lot. OMG Dr. Angela, I feel this bulge/lump/ball “down there”. There’s something falling out of me. Classic lines. Prolapse can be any number of things….It can be your uterus, or the walls of your vagina falling out. Not to fear. Tell all and show all. We’ll get to the bottom of it. The biggest thing I initially tell women suffering with prolapse is that it doesn’t and won’t kill you. Once diagnosed, there are numerous options; both surgical and non-surgical.

Painful sex. NEWSFLASH, sex is not supposed to hurt. It should feel good! If sex is painful, “LETS TALK ABOUT SEX LADIES.”(shout out to Salt n’ Pepa). There are many reasons sex might be painful. Vaginal atrophy, which is the result of menopause and what decreased estrogen in the vagina looks and feels like. Every female goes through this, pornstars and even women you could find when searching through something like this list of escort Frankfurt based options. So there can be a way to reverse some impacts of vaginal atrophy. Inadequate lubrication(shout out to my partners @Astroglide who make a number of lubes to address such issues). Infections, disease processes such as endometriosis, etc., could also be culprits. Point is, let me/us(friendly obgyns) help you get to the bottom of it so you can start having mind blowing sex again.

Pregnancy Loss. Whether the loss is elective; i.e., a choice not to proceed with a pregnancy, or a spontaneous loss, this is an extremely sensitive topic and rightly so. The inquiries during an “intake” are not to pass judgement, but to determine appropriate management. In someone with a history of multiple terminations, if there were to be subsequent pregnancies, consideration may be given to serial cervical length measurements early on during the pregnancy as women with a history of procedures involving the cervix are at an increased risk for things such as cervical incompetence. On the flip side, for women with a history of unexplained miscarriages, a more thorough work up may be in order to determine why and hopefully prevent future loss.

The nature of your sexual practices. My office, both the physical and virtual walls, is without judgement. I don’t make any assumptions about who you are sleeping with, how many people you are having sex with, etc. My inquiries are merely to gear what advise/recommendations I offer you. Not all women have sex with men; and while some do, some also have sex with women. Not everyone is in a monogamous relationship and monogamy can mean many things to different people. My job is to offer suggestions on how to make sure you are safe, and in some instances, experiencing the most pleasure. Who knows, I may be able to offer suggestions ranging from how to spice up what seems to be a “less than exciting” sex life, to how to safely take your sex life to “the next level.” with sex toys or watching Midget porn, or other types of porn to explore your sexual desires and kinks.

Even if it’s not all good; through communication and healthy conversation, we can make all things, race relations included, better.

Though I realize that I will more than likely take a “hit” on subscribers due to the “sensitive” content of today’s blog post, I would be doing myself a HUGE disservice by not addressing it; I’m speaking of the Ahmaud Arbery incident. It has bothered me since I learned of it. It is NOT ok.

Hoping that today’s post will raise awareness, not just about the state of race in America, but about topics that are taboo but shouldn’t be. What topics are you embarrassed or afraid to speak with your obgyn about? Click here to share. Would love to hear from you. Please also check out the Ask Dr. Angela Podcast where the latest episode covers what makes a period normal.

Until next time,

Choose Happiness.

Dr. Angela

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