Look Better. Feel Better. Be Better.

Nutritional Cleansing

Look Better. Feel Better. Be Better. The impact that nutritional cleansing has had on my personal as well as professional life inspired me so, that I came up with “that” mantra.

The closing on all of my emails, the end of each blog, all inspired by how AMAZING I felt and continue to feel as a result of my practice and belief in nutritional cleansing.

Leaner. Meaner. More energized……….FINALLY able to be an example of the health that I encourage my patients to strive for………HEALTHY MADE EASY!!!! That is what nutritional cleansing has been for me.

FINALLY able to offer something that works when diets such as Jenni Craig, Weight Watchers, or whatever else is out there failed…….It’s nice being able to lend a solution instead of the random suggestion of diet and exercise.

What does health and wellness mean to you?

It’s not just about being a certain weight……I was the skinniest fat girl I know! I was lean but so unhealthy on the inside….skipping meals at a time, consuming multiple cups of Starbuck’s daily, drinking a case and a half of coke a month(I’m talking about the 24 pack)…..Can you relate?!?!?

Health is Wellness! Wellness is feeling refreshed, energized, rejuvenated…….

When we Look Better, we Feel Better. When we Feel Better, we can Be Better…..At our best in fact!

Easy. Effective. Efficient. With such a hectic schedule, who has time for difficult?!?!?

How about something that’s NOT just for YOU, but for your ENTIRE family?!?!?

Nutritional Cleansing is for EVERYONE! Athlete’s who want to improve their performance, the seniors who want to age gracefully, those who want to lose weight, and even those such as myself, who want to be healthier!

Leading by example is my charge to myself. Offering YOU a means to attain your health goals is my honor and privilege. Contact me at: angela@askdrangela.com. Let me, help YOU, be your best YOU!

I’m bringing healthy back!

Until next time,

Look Better. Feel Better. Be Better.

Dr. Angela

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