Say NO To Tuna

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say no to tuna

I recently read an article in Consumers Report suggesting that pregnant women avoid eating tuna all together.  

While I’ve always suggested that my pregnant moms  “just miss tuna for the duration of the pregnancy”, in light of the aforementioned article, I thought we’d review other “things” pregnant moms should avoid during pregnancy.

1. Tuna…..JUST SAY NO!!!! I’ve always told my pregnant moms to just avoid tuna, fresh or canned as there has always been a question about the mercury content.

While the consumers report article merely states that tuna isn’t one of the “low mercury” choices, other fish that are safe to eat during pregnancy include: salmon, tilapia, shrimp, sardines, etc.

Remember, seafood is an excellent source of lean protein as well as essential fatty acids that are necessary for the neurological development of the growing fetus. Hence, the recommendation isn’t to avoid fish all together, just to make an informed choice.

2. Everything you consume needs to be well done! Nothing raw or undercooked……eggs, meat, etc. included.

3. If you are a lunch meat eater; it must be cooked! Either go “panini-style”, nuke it in the microwave, fry it, grill it….whatever! Just not straight out of the refrigerator/deli.

4. All dairy and milk products must be pasteurized! Soft cheeses such as Brie, feta, and blue cheese, unless clearly labeled as pasteurized, should be avoided.

5. Avoid drinking unpasteurized juices!


Hope this adds value to your day!

Until next time,

Look Better. Feel Better. Be Better.

Dr. Angela

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