Tips On How To Get Pregnant!

Tips On How To Get Pregnant

Here it is……Tips On How To Get Pregnant!

See, I really do listen to you……This blog is dedicated to the diligent young lady who has continued to follow/support my blogs, website, etc. I LOVE that you are comfortable enough to “hold me to task” and send me a gentle reminder that I hadn’t yet touched on the topic that you’ve now sent me, what, at least 2 to 3 email requests for?

Thank you for your patience. Here it is!

Dr. Angela’s Top 5 Tips On How To Get Pregnant:

1. I STRONGLY recommend a pre-conception counseling visit.

The purpose of this visit is to ensure you are in the best shape/condition possible to not only carry, but maintain a pregnancy. At this visit, we will review your:

Medical history: if you have chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disorders, hypertension, obesity, etc; now is the time to ensure that these things are being optimally managed as poor control can result in many complications ranging from fetal growth disorders, prematurity, abruption, increased risk of cesarean section, etc.

Surgical history: making note of any surgeries becomes important; specifically the indications for said surgeries. If there is a history of c-section, it will be important to review the indication for the c-section to determine candidacy for a potential TOLAC(trial of labor after c-section). If there is a history of gynecological procedures such as a LEEP (typically done for pap smear abnormalities), it will influence how we monitor cervical lengths, as well as encourage us to follow closely for signs of preterm labor. History of things such as gastric bypass surgery will influence how we approach certain screening tests in pregnancy; i.e, obtaining 3rd trimester testing such as the glucola, monitoring for electrolyte imbalances, etc.

Medications: a thorough medication review is of the utmost importance as certain medications are contraindicated in pregnancy and it may be necessary to find a suitable alternative.

Social history: if there is any smoking, drug, or alcohol history; now is the time to get rid of such vices. Even though, this habit can be very tough to kick. There are several alternatives such as vaping, and nowadays it is easy to source these from vaporizers uk shops online.

Family history: a review of family history is important as a history of things such as diabetes, hypertension, etc., may warrant early screening for things such as gestational diabetes, hypertensive disorders, etc. To discover important information about your genetics, you can use resources like Genealogy Bank (see here) to trace your family history and discover any illnesses or diseases that may run in the bloodline.

Previous Obstetric history: Extremely important. If there was a previous history of things such as pre-eclampsia, preterm delivery, etc., there may be certain testing/protocols implemented to avoid such issues in a future pregnancy.

It is important to gather all of this information so that we can limit the risks of a complication occurring with the pregnancy because if this does happen sometimes a difficult decision with abortion may become an option. This is when the pregnancy has become unsafe for you or if you decide that your child has too many complications that it would not be able to live a happy life. The important thing to know is there is always abortion information to help with this decision and also if we limit this chance it is something you hopefully won’t have to worry about in the future.

2. Start Taking A PNV

If you are truly ready to start trying to conceive, once you come off that birth control, replace “it” with a prenatal vitamin. This is probably the BIGGEST piece of advice I can give you!

3. Know When You Ovulate

I know this sort of takes some of the romance and spontaneity out of conceiving, but it really does give you “the most bang for your buck”(No Pun Intended)! Whether you are using the calendar method, an iPhone app that tells you when you’re ovulating, monitoring your vaginal discharge consistency, measuring your basal body temperature; or my personal favorite, which is quick and easy, using an ovulation predictor kit; YOU MUST know when you are ovulating!

I LOVED the Clear Blue Easy Ovulation Predictor Kits! When you get the smiley face, it means you’re ovulating; hence, you should HAVE SEX! I recommend every other day commencing right before you ovulate and after.

4. Make Sure “His Boys” Are Good! I’m speaking of your partners sperm count.

NO! I am not suggesting that you go out and immediately get a sperm count done; however, getting rid of things such as smoking, drinking, wearing tight pants(and no, it’s not just the ladies who are guilty of this offense), avoiding things such as hot tubs or anything else that could potentially expose “the boys” to excessive heat….All of these behaviors should be curtailed if not outright eliminated to ensure that your partner has the healthiest sperm possible. And by the way, taking a multivitamin never hurt anyone!

5. Last but not least: RELAX!!!!! By definition, we don’t classify someone as having “fertility issues” unless they’ve been “trying” for a year; specifically if you are under 35 years of age. It is my general practice to recommend the above, tips 1-4, to all of my patients.

If, after a year, you’ve had no success, I typically send you to see an REI(reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist).

If you are over 35, I send you to see an REI if you’ve had no success after 6 months of “trying”. This is due to the associated decrease in both “the quality” of the eggs, and fertility as women age.

If you are greater than 40 years of age and are interested in conceiving, I just send you straight to the specialist as time is TRULY of the essence.

I hope that this blog post adds value to your day!

Until next time,

Look Better. Feel Better. Be Better.

Dr. Angela

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