Vaginitis! Top 5 Things You Should Know.

Just when you thought all was good in the world, BAM! It happens to you. I’m talking about vaginal infections. We will limit this conversation to the usual suspects of yeast and bacterial vaginosis; the most common culprits. STIs, while extremely common in today’s society, well, we’ll leave that for another day!

I recently had my own bout with Yeast…..the direct result of a week’s course of antibiotics to treat a sinus infection. Talk about AWFUL! My vagina was red, itchy…..ANGRY! It did not feel good! I scratched to no end, only to make my vagina even more unhappy!

Proud to announce that my “girlfriend” is feeling much better. Here are my

Top 5 Things You Should Know About Vaginitis:

  • Don’t wait until the weekend to call your ob/gyn. My saving grace is that I happen to be an ob/gyn and could/can call myself in a prescription. This isn’t something you’ll want to endure over a long weekend…trust me.
  • Don’t self diagnose! I know you’re thinking, “that’s what you did!” And you’re right, but I also happen to have a medical degree in vaginas. Self diagnosing and mistreating can at times make matters worse. Just when you thought it was yeast, it ends up being bacterial vaginosis or vice versa….no wonder that over-the-counter monistat didn’t work…….
  • Less is more. Don’t set yourself up for vaginitis! Avoid soaps, sprays, glitter, etc., and all those things that we love that are often times tinged with perfumes, deodorants, scents that can irritate the vagina.
  • Go commando! Let your vagina breathe. Is it Toyota that used to have that slogan: “What a Feeling?” Well, I feel the same way about going bare…….What a Feeling! Remember, warm and moist, which is typically the climate of the vagina, sort of puts one in the mindset of the tropics doesn’t it? Anyway, this is a set-up for vaginitis. The fresh air will do your vajay-jay good.
  • If everything you’ve tried isn’t working, as in over the counter remedies, you should see your doctor. There is such a thing as resistant cases of yeast or bacterial vaginosis that can at times require extended treatment regimens, OR, perhaps it’s something else entirely.

Needless to say, vaginal health is an important part of our total health. If your vagina is in need of servicing, pay a visit to your friendly vagina whisperer(LOL!)

Hoping this blog post has served both to inform, as well as put a smile on your face.

Until next time,

Look Better. Feel Better. Be Better.

Dr. Angela


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