Breast Pain

Breast Pain.

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Because I see A LOT of women with a chief complaint of breast pain, here are the Top 5 Facts I think you should know:


1.Breast pain typically is NOT a symptom of breast cancer.

2. It is NOT uncommon to have breast pain around the time of your period….this is typically due to hormonal changes associated with your cycle. It is ALSO not uncommon to have fibrocystic changes around the time of your period….your breasts may feel “lumpy-bumpy”, AGAIN, due to hormonal changes. I typically encouraged women to do their breast exams a week after their periods due to the previously mentioned statements.

3. Caffeine CAN have an association with breast pain! If you are a HUGE caffeine drinker, cut your intake in half and see if that doesn’t make a difference.

4. PLEASE ensure you are wearing the correct bra size! Large breasted women may experience pain due to inadequate support……fittings are free and can typically be accomplished at any department store.

5. NSAIDS, medications more commonly known to you as Motrin, Aleve, Ibuprofen, can be used to treat breast pain. Alternative treatments include evening primrose oil, Vitamin E.

If none of the above seems to help, your pain persists in spite of, or you feel a lump on exam that persists and seems to have no association with your menstrual cycle, DO NOT HESITATE to let your physician know.

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