Dying Your Hair While Pregnant

Can I Dye My Hair If I’m Pregnant?

Say What

Can I dye my hair during pregnancy?


I LOVE this question….this and the multiple OTHER inquiries on health and beauty during pregnancy…..While you will often hear me mention pregnancy being amazing, wonderful, etc., the toll it takes on your body ain’t quite that…….and that’s not to say that pregnancy is miserable for all parties involved; it’s just that I seemed to have every ache, pain, sleepless night, craving, heart burn, etc., that’s imaginable.

Having said such, with EVERYTHING that an expectant mother goes through, it’s REALLY important that she feel good about herself. My wife and I always refer to “face, body, and fashion”…..specifically referring to women that have it together…….

One of the reasons I DRESS in the office is that it makes me feel so much better….that  makeup, and HAIR is a BIG part of that. I didn’t dye my hair because I just didn’t have the time; however, it’s ok to do if you so desire. I TOTALLY GET roots growing out, highlights looking jacked up and just feeling crazy about your mane.

If you are one of “those people” that are super concerned about potential side effects of dying your hair during pregnancy, just wait until  the second trimester to do so; that way, most of “the important” development has occurred with regards to organogenesis, etc.

There is NO HARD DATA suggesting that hair dye or the chemicals in it pose any threat to the developing fetus.

You could also consider doing things like streaking(I guess this has made a comeback), highlighting, frosting(shout out to the ORIGINAL Charlie’s Angels),or other techniques where the dye/color doesn’t come into direct contact with the scalp.

If you are a “do it yourself” kinda gal, make sure that you use the obvious precautions of leaving the dye/color on your hair no longer than what is recommended, you wear gloves, and are in a well ventilated area.

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