I Think I’m Ready To Have A Baby!

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Eight Things To Consider When Contemplating Parenthood:

1. Are you physically able to become pregnant?  Make sure there are no factors that would prevent you from becoming pregnant; i.e, anovulatory cycles, having a partner with sperm/semen issues, etc., etc.

2. Are you healthy?  Being a parent is both physically and mentally demanding.  You need to be physically and mentally prepared to meet the demands of both carrying a pregnancy, and caring for a child.

3. Are you financially secure?  Children are expensive. Are you financially able to provide for a child and all that he or she will need to ensure that they develop academically, socially, humanely? Are you capable of providing the exposures necessary to ensure that your child will be in a position to make a positive contribution to society?

4. Do you have the time?……….do you have the time in your life to devote to raising a child? Being a parent is a lifelong endeavor.

5. Do you have a good support system?  I am a firm believer that it takes a village to raise a child…….do you have a good network of family/friends/support that will be able to contribute to the upbringing of the child as well as provide a network for you, the parent. The child isn’t the only one who needs support; you the parent also need support, nurturing, etc as childrearing is no easy task.

6. Are you emotionally stable/mature?  Being a parent is less about you and all about the child. If you are ready to sacrifice, and put the needs of another in front of your own, you are likely ready to be a parent.

7. Space.  Do you have the space required to raise a child? Do you possess a child friendly vehicle?

8. You want to have a baby!!!!! Without the desire, the other points on this list become inconsequential.

Happy Parenting!

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