Ways to beat the heat while pregnant in the summer!

Top 5 Summer Tips For Expectant Moms!

Say What

“Hot fun in the summertime!”

I LOVE this classic by Sly and the Family Stone!

I remember being pregnant in the summertime……NOT much fun for me. I was EXTREMELY hot and bothered!

For those of you experiencing pregnancy in the summertime, this is for you!

Top 5 Summer Tips For Expectant Moms:

  • Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Did I say Hydrate? Drinking plenty of water will not only help you stay cool, but it actually helps reduce swelling and will assist in keeping your bowels regular(constipation, BE GONE!). Staying hydrated will also help stave off uterine contractions which could lead to preterm labor.
  • Get Off Your Feet. I actually was thinking of that Gloria Estefan song “Get On Your Feet”, but Get Off Your Feet has even MORE appeal. This is a good time to prop those legs and feet up…..Sounds like a good excuse for a pedicure/leg massage to me. Whether that occurs in the confines of a luxurious spa/salon, or in the comfort of your own home; make it happen. Not only does this feel great, but it will help reduce swelling(the propping your legs/feet up aspect). Haven’t we already mentioned swelling?!?!? For all those husbands, man friends, significant others that have been feeling rather useless during the course of the pregnancy……STEP UP! This is a job for YOU! I haven’t met a pregnant woman yet that doesn’t appreciate a good leg/foot massage.
  • Get In The Water. Whether it be the pool or the ocean. In response to a question posed by a patient JUST the other day, YES! Expectant moms CAN go to the beach! Just make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen, full coverage shades(channel your inner Jackie-O), and perhaps a wide brimmed hat. Remember, the name of the game is staying cool! If, indeed, you do decide to venture into the water; go for a swim! One of the best exercises during pregnancy.
  • Shopping Anyone? I don’t know what better reason to update your wardrobe than summer heat. It’s a good excuse to head to Target where you can use a target promo code to make a saving on your next shop at the store while purchasing for your new wardrobe. The key here is light, airy, BREATHABLE! You’ll want clothes that absorb lots of sweat and moisture. You already know my rule of thumb for vaginitis….warm + moist equals vaginitis, which commonly translates into yeast. Vaginal, or cutaneous(in the groin, under your breasts, etc.), none of it is fun.
  • Take a nap. Pregnancy can be exhausting. Why not revisit the days of old? Take a nap. There isn’t anything that pressing that can’t wait. Your body is already taxed enough with that growing bundle inside your uterus. Add the heat on top of that?!?!? A nap will allow you to re-energize so that you can do whatever it is you need to do. Perhaps when you wake up from your noon time siesta, it will be cooler outside. Plan outdoor activities either in the morning or evening when the sun isn’t at its peak. If you’re looking for a way to escape the heat outside then you may want to consider installing an ac unit in your home so that you at least have a place where the harshness of the summer heat cannot reach you. If you already have one but it’s not currently functioning as it should then you may want to get repair services to fix it before the height of summer hits.

Hoping you were both informed and amused!

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