Top 5 Summer Tips For Your Vajayjay!

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With the summer FINALLY upon us, here are my


  1. I always say, warm and moist are NOT a great combination. Summer heat is conducive to both. Don’t sit in the same position/spot for prolonged periods of time; such provides a good environment for yeast. Make sure you get up and move around.

  2. Get out of that wet bathing suit as soon as you’re done having fun in the cool waters of the pool or ocean. Staying in a wet bathing suit for prolonged periods of time increases your risk of contracting vaginitis; specifically yeast.

  3. COTTON!  Breathable. Absorbent. Comfortable. A great choice for underwear during the summer months. Going commando is a great alternative option. Allowing your lady parts to “air out” will not only feel amazing, but will also help decrease the risk of vaginitis(yeast being the primary culprit…….is it just me or do you see a common thread here?!?!?)during those summer months.

  4. Avoid clothing that is too short/tight. Such can lead to irritation, increased sweating, and once again, vaginitis.

  5. Groom the day prior to putting on those amazing bathing suits. The micro-trauma associated with shaving, waxing, trimming can cause the vulva to become red, swollen, irritated, etc. Do you really want to expose such recently traumatized skin to salt water, chlorinated water, etc? Trust me, your vulva will thank YOU, for taking this tip from ME!

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